omgmk & a were out recently, and i just had to say.. I LOVE ASHLEYS SHOES.my god, they are beautiful. and mk's jumper is adorable! and her bag is to die for.

yes sir

10 favourite things at the moment.elton john CD. all the classics.studded belt. i wear it everywhere!benefit bad gal mascara. dont normally wear makeup but i love it.cath kidston rose lip balm. i love the box!badger lavender night-night lipbalm. smells like heaven.fresh cut roses yankee candle. so small and sweet.polaroid camera. instant mini credit card sized [...]

heart on your sleeve

i'm sad. i went into a charity shop and saw black real doc martens for ten pounds. then i saw vintage brogues for £7. then i looked into my cath kidston purse. you see where the unhappiness is coming from. they are beautiful, oui? the price tag however, isnt.

oh la la la

i love the olsens{and i love ashleys shoes in the 2nd picture} {and her little sequined/studded waistcoat}{to be honest, i want all her outfit}buuut, mary-kate is still my favourite.{not that i should pick sides}{but she is.}