this is my new charity shop top!it was £3.45.. which i now owe ellie.it was in the mens section & its actually from the new york police department hence the yellow transfer thing, but i love it! hahaha according to the top.. i'm a dectective ;)tomorrow i am going around ayas for a sleepover 😀 [...]


wishlist two.ps. school is .. still school. but yr10 drama is amazing. i love it so much, its like the only thing worth going to school for.

Polaroid exhibition

102 followers! this is wierd.. but good.. thank you!anyway, today i went to oxford street. and in urban outfitters, they had a little polaroid camera exhibition.. they had so many beautiful cameras, all original and in glass cases. they looked similar to the picture below.. it was rather amazing. save the polaroid.

Alexa Chung #1

i really love alexa chung's american apparel skirt :)i am bidding on it on ebay & i hope it win, because its really lovely. i made this little set on polyvore of roughly what she is wearing (hey, i was bored) but minus the skirt + blazer. i love the cameo necklace!


recently my ma+pa went to mudeford for the weekend, and on the way there, they got stuck in a traffic jam. there was a boot fair nearby so they went in. they came back a couple a days ago and my dad gave me a camera 🙂 happy saturday!


aautumns here!its finally september.conkers are on the floor along with leaves, and woolly hats and mittens are begining to come into the shops. i really cant wait to get some lovely polaroid pictures of the trees just like this one.. cant wait till halloween!