Polaroid exhibition

this is wierd.. but good.. thank you!
anyway, today i went to oxford street. and in urban outfitters, they had a little polaroid camera exhibition.. they had so many beautiful cameras, all original and in glass cases. they looked similar to the picture below.. it was rather amazing.

save the polaroid.

11 thoughts on “Polaroid exhibition

  1. Ooh wow, are they selling that particular camera?? it's adorable!LUFF your blog by the way! i actually got a blog on here myself because i came across that 'vintageindiefuture' group on bebo (which i also love) and found your blog! you're v interesting :)xx


  2. Ooh that is a lovely one. It's cool of urban outfitters to be working with the Impossible Project but they're selling Polaroid cameras on their site for £160 when you can get them for a fiver in charity shops. Who do they think they're kidding haha ♥


  3. haha, i got a post on my blog about this too lol :)i know yeah, i went there and it was ridiculously overpriced, i tried to look at charity shops/car boots sale but there ent many round my area lol but i can settle for a normal camera haha :)chanceplusgravity.blogspot.com


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