happiness hit her like a train on a track

sorry for the longting time of not blogging. i’ve had my drama exam on wednesday, so half of my week/weekend was just rehearsing, but it’s over now 🙂 i went to london with my friends again 🙂 haha, we pratically live there now! we had pizza in strand, and then took a million tubes to random places (how many escalators we went up and down, i dont know), then finally walked across london bridge. i wore the blazer i had bought that morning, and my lace up boots 🙂

20 thoughts on “happiness hit her like a train on a track

  1. you're so lucky with your charity shop finds! i have to say i am in love with that lace top! the jacket is also very snazzy 😛 and the dress is adorable too, i like polka dots XD i'm trying to find some white loafers like yours atm for summer 😀 hehe


  2. great finds! i just love the lace top & loafers…that dress will look super cute worn short in the summer!www.messyourhairup.blogspot.com


  3. brogues and lace up are definitely back in this season! and i love that fact so much!!i love the outfit with the lace tee and shorts jeans! it's so 80's chic! and we all know 80's have been around for like 3 years now! hahaxx


  4. I love all of your lovely buys! The lace top and loafers, especially.Sounds like you had a great time.. I thought you lived in London, from your blog and everything, haha. Whereabouts do you live?Chloehttp://chloeinfinite.blogspot.com


  5. wohooo,,great buy!! I think I should kidnap u to accompany me shop at charity store,,oh,it's like what I saw in Wild Child movie,when the girls shop in charity store,how fun!!^_^xoxowww.greatmariska.blogspot.comwww.greatmariska.blogspot.comwww.greatmariska.blogspot.com


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