and your cigarette stained lies

here is an outfit i wore the other day:

navy cable knit jumper: charity shop: £4.
real soft leather quilted chain bag; urban outfitters; £52 (bought about a year ago, but amazing quality!) kind of a boring outfit, but theres not much to wear outside when its freezing. plus, the jumper is too comfy to deny wearing something else.

some things which are are on my urban outfitters wishlist currently:

ahh, too beautiful! oh, and i’m going to keep posting things on ebay for the next two weeks or so, so keep coming back! i really do appreciate all the people interested! AND THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE 400 FOLLOWERS! AHH! i owe every single one of you a cupcake as a thank you. seriously.

13 thoughts on “and your cigarette stained lies

  1. oh your outfit is so beautiful as usual dear, i wish i could find such lovely things from charity shops. oh and congratulations on the 400 followers, you definatley deserve them all ❤


  2. love the polkadot playsuit 🙂 i don't have twitter, and i would reaaaally appreciate it if you could possibly comment on one of my blog posts with the link to your ebay? xx


  3. love the huuuge jumper worn with tights! that sailor dress from uo is amazing, i kind of want it too! :)


  4. Congratulations on your followers dear – I am very happy for you, you have a lovely blog here.Charity shops where are live and awful – full of of old chavy tracksuits.I love all the urban outfitters stuff. I think I like the third one best.


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