heaving devotion, but it’s just no good

i’ve missed summer for too long now..

the idea of levi cut offs without tights have got me drooling!

sigh. in other words, i went charity shoppping yesterday, and got some lovely goodies! heres me looking wierd before i went out:

haha, and i wore this:

levi cut offs; ebay; DIY; £4.

H&M wildfox style t-shirt; £7.99 (roughly)

navy vintage cardigan; charity shop; £5

black patent belt with velvet roped buckle; primark; £2.

doc martens; ebay; £5.50.

i only bought three things, from the left:

navy cardigan; £3.50, vintage floral top £1.30, TOPSHOP denim shirt; £5.

the cardigan is so soft, i can see me wearing it over and over. the floral pattern on the top is so nice, i can imagine looking so cute in summer tucked in with some shorts. and i cant believe i found the topshop denim shirt, it was last seasons! why would you give it to a charity shop haha? oh well.

have a lovely week!

17 thoughts on “heaving devotion, but it’s just no good

  1. the floral top is cute :)i wouldn't normally pick a denim shirt like that but i reckon you'd find some way to make it look awesome. my friends sister has that wildfox tshirt 😀 hehe


  2. doc martens for £5.50, amazing.you are the actual queen of charity shops, no joke.you always find such amazing clothes, it's unbelievable.I love the floral top and the denim shirt and I must be buying this H&M top.Theory of a fashion victimxoxo


  3. You know, when I come to London someday, we're going to have to have a blogger meetup and go charity shopping :)You find the most amazing things!satinsugar.blogspot.com


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