this post is of celebration.i) i just broke up for the easter holidays. three weeks of freedom. this means lots more blogging, more outfits and more going out with my friends!ii) i've finished all my mocks. and god, did they drag on. only french i kind of have left, but thats a real gsce so [...]


just wanted to let you all know, i wont be blogging for a while.. because i'm going to france! haha, i'm leaving on thursday and coming back late tuesday. it's a french exchange, and i'm practially spending all day thursday on trains, rolling through paris & the beautiful french countryside! and when we get to [...]


hi everyone :)sorry it's been too long since a proper post, but i've been busy with all my mock preparing & other general school shiz. but, here are my favourite picks from urban outfitters this month: lace up boots; £85, horse tee; £18 flannel shirt; sale; £22, leather satchel £98my saturday consisted of ellie & [...]