just wanted to let you all know, i wont be blogging for a while.. because i’m going to france! haha, i’m leaving on thursday and coming back late tuesday. it’s a french exchange, and i’m practially spending all day thursday on trains, rolling through paris & the beautiful french countryside! and when we get to the town, i’m meeting my exchange for the first time… eek! then i get to spend the rest of the week with my friends! i am so excited, i hope its nice there! even though it’s heavy rain there at the moment, i’m dreaming of a suitcase full of these clothes:
j'taime romance
tres francais, oui? haha, prepare for millions of tourist-y photos from me when i get back!
au revoir 

15 thoughts on “Paris

  1. make sure you pack some layers and tights, the weather is pretty much the same (if not colder) than england! lol i made this mistake, went to paris in february and i have NEVER been so cold in my life!!!! i literally wore every item i packed in my suitcase! haha hope you have a great time, and find some vintage shops! 😀


  2. Where you going exactly love ?Because, I can tell you, the weather is lush atm. I'm living in Lyon (mi area, east), and it's sunny, and warm. Spring is defo here !Have a wonderful time :)Bisous 😉


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