after a long few days of hosting my french exchange, i'm ready never to speak french again. she was nice, but it's so bleurgh after days of sitting in silence. on the weekend, friday was a massive BBQ, then on saturday we took all the frenchies to dulwich and soaked in the sun, and then [...]

April day

i've spent the last three weeks dozing in the sun, going to the park, eating icecreams, playing around with my tripod, laughing, planning holidays, shopping, eating, taking photographs and meeting new people.i havent got much to show- no outfit posts, no inspiration. but i wore my topshop playsuit yesterday when with my friends, and it's [...]

you are my last, my first

first off, thank you so much for all the birthday messages! it feels so good to be 15. i spent my birthday having a picnic in hyde park with my friends, and using up film in my diana camera my friends stayed over that night, and i woke up to do absolutely nothing that next [...]