you are my last, my first

first off, thank you so much for all the birthday messages! it feels so good to be 15. i spent my birthday having a picnic in hyde park with my friends, and using up film in my diana camera

my friends stayed over that night, and i woke up to do absolutely nothing that next day. thursday, i went shopping with sammie and then went on a massive bike ride with aya and her. the sun was setting, and we rode to see our friend ellie, and harassed her (she was playing shotball or something) until she came and talked to us. it was fun. then we stayed over at ellies house, and where i had about 2 hours sleep, only to wake up on friday at 8.30 am to go to brighton.

the sun was shining, even in the early morning and by the time we got to brighton IT WAS FLIPPING HOT. we settled on the beach and sunbathed all day. we went and dipped our feet in the sea and me and ellie went for a 1 hour long walk along the beach. we went into a old fashioned arcade and she (literally) flipped me over, so i like somersaulted into a BOAT. then we sunbathed some more and then aya, me and lucy went for a stroll through all the lanes in brighton, going to all the charity shops & vintage stores. 

hasnt the weather been so wonderful the past few days in england? i think i’m going to spend today sunbathing with a book and a blanket in my garden. 

7 thoughts on “you are my last, my first

  1. i love this post :') but shotball!! what the actual fuck emma hahahahahahahahaha. its shot putt my lovely! LOL but eugh i look absolutely GROSS in these pictures.oh well, the boat 'incident' was funny :Dlove yaaarz xxxxx


  2. Oh that all sounds lovely Emma.I'm so so happy to finally see some sun in England. I've been outside the whole time enjoying it. My hair turns blondey in summer so I have been attempting to get as much sunlight on it as possible :PThe pictures are lovely. You look so pretty in the first one especially 🙂


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