i see your face, i hear your voice, my heart stays faithful

the past couple of days have consisted of me doing nothing all day, just dozing in the sun. i’ve only been religiously wearing this checked shirt over and over again, as its so easy to throw on. here are my tights again from topshop, i am yet to wear them out. i dont want to look like a hooker, and so far its proved hard to find the balance. i’ve also tried wearing them with shorts, but i’m not sure. i wish i had the confidence to wear them everywhere, but i’l think i’l stick with more open fashioned places, like london.in other news, i watched ‘remember me’ yesterday. it was actually so good. robert pattinson is .. amazing. i didn’t think i could love him more. he is so gorgeous, too gorgeous. god, i want him. i cried like a fricken baby at the end though. i wont spoil it for you all, but seriously SUCH an unexpected ending.too beautiful.
i stayed around my friends house last night, and we had a random photoshoot too:

i just wore my heart tights, topshop; £8, doc martens, ebay, £5.50, cut off levis; £4, ebay, slouchy tee; H&M.

23 thoughts on “i see your face, i hear your voice, my heart stays faithful

  1. you are a beauty! i love your look. also, i have those topshop tights. i wore them on a night out with the relative fashion safety of my friends. suspender tights + ASOS nude ruffle skirt + black lace oversize vest = me. i think they work well with something oversized to avoid the hooker look. x


  2. Personally I don't think you look like a hooker haha. I saw rememeber me, so good, I cried so much, I was mess. I am in love with Robert Pattinson. I love your blog, I love to read, got all my friends to look to ahha x


  3. you look great in the suspender tights, especially with the shorts! you don't look like a hooker in the slightest :). i say where them wherever you may be, because people in london are just as judgemental as people everywhere else. i often get stared at in the street, maybe to do with my clothes, or maybe my weight, who knows? i just got myself a pair of henry holland mock stock tights, and i shall be wearing them when i go out tomorrow, so if you like, check out my blog as i will be posting how i wore them :)have a lovely day, love jazzabelle.http://jazzabellesdiary.blogspot.com/


  4. i have them tights, they are my favourite 🙂 did you buy them from the Bromley store? because thats the only store i could find them in (i work in topshop, Bluewater)


  5. yeah, i'm not too sure about those types of tights either, ive seen them on a few blogs and dont think i would ever where them! i think that outfit with the reddish t shirt you could pull off though 🙂 you look very pretty in those photos btw 😀


  6. Hello Emma, beautiful blog! You have amazing hair! The template on my blog is one of the basic minima ones on blogspot, just tweaked and tweaked some more over the last couple of years. It's hard to explain the buttons because you need to edit all your html but if you google search 'blogger header buttons' you should find some good articles. If you find your stuck with anything in particular, feel free to contact me again and I'll help you out if I can.


  7. You are like, beautiful. And only 15?! What on Earth. I hope you had a brilliant birthday and I'm glad I stumbled across your blog as I think it's just brilliant.I also saw Remember Me last Wednesday and cried like a babba. Such a great film and he's a much better actor than in Twilight imho.- Now I'm following you 🙂 looking forward to your blogging!


  8. i like the look of those tights with the shorts! no one wears anything like that around here, but its cool to see fashion like that from other places around the world(:


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