after a long few days of hosting my french exchange, i’m ready never to speak french again. she was nice, but it’s so bleurgh after days of sitting in silence. on the weekend, friday was a massive BBQ, then on saturday we took all the frenchies to dulwich and soaked in the sun, and then sunday consisted of oxford circus and carnaby street. while they went mental over starbucks (no starbucks in france it seems) i got my disposables developed

18 thoughts on “Disposables

  1. I've found a gorgeous floral satchel bag that I want from Cath Kidston, which I've shown on my blog. I desperately want it! Satchels are just so practical but pretty at the same time :)Gorgeous summery pictures by the way 🙂 xxhttp://bittenfingernails.blogspot.com


  2. gah, i found the most perfect satchel on ebay but it was quite old and i used it until it broke beyond repair :(i'd love the mulberry but it's so far out of my price range. i plan to get one in 2 years when i have uni loans haha.lovely photos 🙂 ♥


  3. i love your take on the underwear as outerwear trend, and the print on that topshop strapless little number is actually adorable. i always enjoy reading your posts! annabelle X


  4. SATCHELS!!!!that's what they're called!i've saved soo many pictures of those bags,and would google, \”vintage brown leather bag with buckles\” because i didn't know the name of them, hahaha!thanks, and i L-O-V-E your blog, pictures, and writing style!


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