TS haul

topshop purchases:lace corset; £10. sailor blouse, £12 & lace navy smock dress; £15 star seam tights; £4 & petal confetti sheer blouse; £15.on friday around lucys i wore my hook and eye dress from the previous post. amazingly comfy to dance in actually.. you’d be surprised.

17 thoughts on “TS haul

  1. asif! i didnt see ANY of that on sale when i went to topshop, so unfair 😛 especially that sailor blouse, i am on the hunt for one!! lol you have no idea the amount of envy for your purchases i have right now 😛


  2. Ahh the sailor top is lovely luckily my mum bought it so i just borrow hers 😉 i no what you mean about the disposable cameras they are so addictive and cheap but i have about 10 i need to develop. lovely blog XXXX


  3. oh, i am in love with that sailor blouse! ♥ also, i love disposable cameras too, they give such a lovely effect plus they're really cheap! also, the light pink dress is so pretty ♥♥♥


  4. great purchases, really nice things! wish i could pull off a corset cos that is a mighty fine one at that! you got me thinking the other day with your disposable camera, I won one in a vodkat comp a couple of months ago, would love to use it, so its now in my daily bag along with my digital haha


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