Topshop makeup

so today topshop finally reveled their new makeup range! i’m already in love with the quirky packaging, the in season colours and the prices! i adore the simplicity of the products and cant wait to get my hands on some of them.
i love the block colours of both lipsticks, and the mascara looks so voluming. the eyeliner (i need to get this) also looks so good! and i love the pastel colours of the nail varnish’s, the mint colour is very similar to chanels sold out one. is anyone else crazy excited to buy something?! ahh!
in other words, i’m just been boring old me. haha, nothing terribly exciting happening, stuck with lots of coursework.

hope everyone has a good evening 🙂

13 thoughts on “Topshop makeup

  1. i absolutely adore their new range and can't wait till get some and the fact that it's so affordable just makes me love them even more.


  2. i really like the new make-up, and they have a really good virtual makeover on their website…it's very realistic, unlike most which turn you into an over polished barbie doll!Dannixxx


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