Brick lane

so as you can most likely see, i’ve changed my blog layout. it’s been overdue for a long time now, but i’m not sure whether i like it or not. i’ve finally added a bloglovin’ link too, but it turns out i already have 37 followers on there! thanks guys haha! anyway, i’m still undecided whether to keep it the way it is. any tips, thoughts?
in other news, on saturday i went to brick lane with my friends abi and olivia. even though we took about 13098329083 hours getting there (and ended up at a deserted tube station near wimbledon.. don’t ask) we headed straight for the vintage stores. i found so many things i was in love with, especially from the huge beyond retro which is there!

the beautiful abi (left) and olivia (right)
i only ended up buying an amazing pair of denim shorts. especially as all i seem to wear is shorts these days, i thought why not mix it up and go for some multicoloured ones! i got them for £12 from beyond retro. especially heading up to summer, beyond retros had a load of shorts in every colour imaginable and lots of retro swimwear, so i’m definitely heading up there again to pick up some vintage summer wear! i need to replace the zip on them though, so expect a post soon featuring them. what i wore to brick lane though was:

levi cutoffs; £4; ebay, belt; £1; vintage, boob tube; £2.99; H&M, satchel; ebay; £7, doc martens; ebay; £5.50, duffle coat; topshop; £80, star seam back tights; topshop sale, £4; locket; vintage; 99p.

18 thoughts on “Brick lane

  1. these pictures are beautiful :Dhaha yup that was me!thats so random!considering i was wearing the same clothes i wore on friday, hadn't slept and was severely hung over im really shocked and rather pleased you said that :)next time come over and say 'hello' 😀


  2. those cupcakes, nomnomnonmonm :)tell your friends they have rather awesome attire 😛 you've made me wanna go to london SO bad, shame its like, 200 miles away :L i am in need of retro swimwear!!!!


  3. Ahh man saw Alexa Chung in beyond retro :)You should go there more often, I love it so much! But I suppose I'm lucky because I live quite close, and I think I know what station you ended up in by Wimbledon 🙂 And yum, cupcakes.It would be mine


  4. wow emma, i didn't realise you'd posted out day out on here looks awesomee. xx beautiful as per usual xx and thanks to the girl who likes my blazer 🙂 xx


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