20 thoughts on “she can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes

  1. I love those levi's, I must start looking on ebay I have never bought anything from them I think I will give it a go.-Dolly.


  2. if your that desperate for money, why not get a paper round? 😛 hehe that watch looks alot like mine which was my grandmas, i love it very much :)good luck with your exams!


  3. i get what you mean about withdrawl symptoms, haha. up until recently i hadn't been on a proper shopping spree in months! it was horrible! haha. i love the peter pan dress, clogs and army jacket. danni xxthisisrelationshipsuicide.blogspot.com


  4. very simple, but VERY cute!i love it…although you didn't go out and let the world see it lol!it's simple but very cute.i hate high waist anything, but you pull it off very nicely.myeyesarefine.blogspot.com


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