Alexa Chung #5

i’ve realized i haven’t posted any alexa chung pictures recently. i particularly loved her outfit at the launch of YSL belle d’opium perfume, she looked so effortless. alexa wore YSL leather shorts from the spring collection 2010, a grey tee and a cable knit cardigan along with a mulberry bag(and is that a luella skeleton charm i see? eek!). i adore leather shorts! i think they would be very hard to pull off though. asos and topshop have gorgeous ones in right now, i might just have to try some on. speaking of YSL, karlie kloss is the new face for their summer 2010 beauty line. she looks so beautiful here, as per usual, doesn’t she just have the perfect face? and shes not even nineteen yet! i love her nail polish here, but was especially inspired by her blue eyeshadow. blue eyeshadow i think can either look disgusting or actually quite nice. i tested out two shades myself, a bruised blue and a ice blue, and thought they didn’t look too shabby.

not sure where i would where the blue eyeshadow though. haha, i mean i can’t exactly wear it down to nandos. what do you guys think? blue eyeshadow- yes or no?

12 thoughts on “Alexa Chung #5

  1. I always have this problem with eyeshadow, you can't just pop down the road with multi coloured eyes! Saying that, it does really suit you though, your lucky you can pull it off!


  2. I think that the blue looks better on you when its not so heavy in the last picture. I personally think most blue eye shadows dont look flattering with people with brown or hazel eyes but it looks fab on ppl w/ green or blue eyes.


  3. i agree, it's a stunning look on you. but definitely a party look!i adore your blog!i'm always looking to see if you reccently post.=]


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