Sonic Youth

thanks to everyone who said good luck for my test. i think i failed it. haha, i can always do retakes though. school has also been dragging on, especially in this weather. 30 degrees in school uniform? no thanks. i have sports day tomorrow, though. i actually like sports (which doesn’t necessarily mean i am good at it though, let me tell you now), but normally sports day is actually the best.. even though i didn’t go last year *cough, cough* but tomorrow should be fun as i’m not being made to do anything, just a day of chilling in the sun with my ipod and friends. come to think of it, sports day actually sounds alot like my weekend. i was in my bikini the whole time and only threw on a t-shirt, shorts (they are there i promise), plimsolls and sunglasses to pop to tescos with my friends.

in regard to this outfit post, i just want to say something. i dislike when people wear a t-shirt from a band which they have never heard of, but this is not the case for me. both my brothers are obsessed with sonic youth, and both of their rooms have the white goo poster. i grew up listening to them over and over, and both my brothers have the t-shirt too. i’m not saying i’m their biggest fan, but i like some of their songs and i have actually had the decency to listen to most of them. of course, i don’t know everything about them. but, before anyone posts an judgemental comment i just wanted to clear that up, haha 🙂

i’m insanely jealous of everyone whose summer has already began. i’ve still got to finish my french gsce and perform my drama piece along with blah blah blah… come quicker summer, please!

25 thoughts on “Sonic Youth

  1. Love the outfit. I hate it when people wear tops and don't know who the hell's on it, which sadly is why I end up not buying alot of top haha. We have sportsday thursday, I'm the person that tells everyone how to play but can't actually play.


  2. lovely look. 🙂 so glad you said that thing about knowing the band, it annoys me muchly when people don't listen to the band and still wear their t-shirts! love your blog 🙂 xx


  3. ahaha I know what you mena I hate it when people wear band t-shirts just to convey some kind of image.But you shouldn't worry about what other people think anyway.You have gorgeous hair by the way. I only wish I could grow mine that long!I'm sure your exams will go brilliante!


  4. I made sure to listen to the Ramones greatest hits before buying their tee, ended up with a new fave band. I also recall hearing a few pretty decent Sonic Youth songs, but will swot up more before investing in any clothing. Love the pumps.Kb from I Want You To Know


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