Topshop grid

so i'm back. after over a fortnight of not blogging, i've seriously had withdrawal symptoms! it was nice to have a break though, and my ten days in denmark were so absolutely amazing that i cant say the blogging break was that missed. i had one day home after denmark, then i went to mudeford [...]


a nice business woman-i've got things to do-simple clean cut look today (and it also seems to resemble a school girl outfit, oh dear haha). i've got a list of about a million errands i have to run all before i head to denmark monday night.  skirt; american apparel, blouse; vintage, velvet leopard print belt; [...]


this week is essentially, the only free one i have until i go back to school. next week, i head off to denmark and as soon as i come back, i'm out to mudeford for a couple of days- then i have two weeks of work experience, and finally, school. it's depressing because i feel [...]