this week is essentially, the only free one i have until i go back to school. next week, i head off to denmark and as soon as i come back, i’m out to mudeford for a couple of days- then i have two weeks of work experience, and finally, school. it’s depressing because i feel i haven’t done half the things i wanted to do, but most of them involved blue skies and soaring temperatures but england has decided to be cruel this summer.
Β lace cami; topshop, rolled up khaki shorts; beyond retro, velvet leopard print belt; ebay, lace up wooden heeled boots; ebay.

32 thoughts on “Khaki

  1. haha, same. i have farrrr to many clothes, there is literally no more room in my wardrobe. i have to resort to a chairdrobe, bedrobe, floordrobe :Li need to go to bricklane!!! we only got a chance to go camden when i went to london with family and the prices were abit ridic


  2. my wardrobe is a total tip as always! I got all these shelves put in last year to keep it organized and it lasted all of a week. My parents gave me an additional shoe storage thing this weekend and I've already filled it and I still have shoes lying everywhere. I recently found my sewing machine in the top of my built in wardrobe, now to learn to use it again.


  3. If I'm honest I have a very very tidy wardrobe verything is ordered in jeans, shorts, types of tops and cardigans etc I love those shorts and those boots πŸ™‚ I'm the same I havn't done half of the things I'd have liked to have done not just because the weather just because I'm too lazy and it's almost lunch by the time im up and ready so the days feel shorter :/Rebecca-ox


  4. I absolutely LOVE the shorts. do you know where i can find ones like yours is the US?Denmark is amazing. i am from there, so i hope you enjoy your stay :)xoxBirdie


  5. You look so gorgeous and adventurous…! I really like how those shorts enhance your legs, and you manage to look really stylish c:Also, I'm quite jealous! I've been meaning to go to Denmark for quite a while now! So have fun there and make sure to take many lovely pictures to show us! ; u ;~ Orphin's Domains ~


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