a nice business woman-i’ve got things to do-simple clean cut look today (and it also seems to resemble a school girl outfit, oh dear haha). i’ve got a list of about a million errands i have to run all before i head to denmark monday night. 

skirt; american apparel, blouse; vintage, velvet leopard print belt; ebay, leather shoes; vintage, navy cardigan

i guess this post is my last before denmark. i can’t wait to spend ten days with three of my best friends (two couldn’t come.. i’m going to miss them so much) in such an amazing country. we’re planning to go to the beach, have late night walks, visit towns, swimming, cycling, exploring.. and a lot of spontaneous trips. this is a holiday for relaxing with my best friends.. hence why i can’t wait! we’re even to going to copenhagan for a day, which will be amazing! 

32 thoughts on “Earthy

  1. Have an awesome time in Denmark! Love the outfit especially the shoes. I just spent all my money at the new vintage festival in goodwood but it's good to know there's new things hanging in my wardrobe.


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