some film pictures i recently got developed. i love the surprise of when they come back, and the strange effects. enjoy!

1. me.

2. lucy, sammie, aya, ellie in trafalgar square.
3. lucy, my room.
4. ellie, aya, sammie, lucy on the steps in trafalgar square.
5. gabby, vicky, tom, sammie, me, aya on the beach.
6. my cluttered dressing table.

theres something about film that brings me back to it everytime. the cameras i used were disposables and my canon IXUS 790, and they were pretty cheap to develop.

in other news, i’m starting work experience tomorrow! first week i’m spending at my old primary school with my friends, and the second week i’m working at the cath kidston store in covent garden. hello discounts and spending all day surrounded by floral! i still haven’t got a digital camera though so i wont be taking any pictures (cue me to cry). wish me luck!

22 thoughts on “Disposables

  1. I absolutely love film pictures, there's something about them that make them so much more interesting than digital photographs, and it's always exciting to find out how they'll develop! Have fun on your work experience, a week in the cath kidston store sounds perfect to me!:)xxxx


  2. Disposable cameras are great so valuabal cameras dont get stolen or broken and I love the glossy piece of card holding a memory. I love Cath Kidston- very jealous of you working there. Enjoy your work Experience :)Rebecca-oxhttp://gingerecstasy.blogspot.com/


  3. I just started using a film camera which I got a carboot and I prefer it to digital it's more fun. Your dressing table isn't half as cluttered as mine! Good luck at your work experience (so jealous of your cath kidsotn placement!)


  4. I really love the 3rd photo! That's such a lovely place to do work experience, i'd love to be able to walk around covent garden during lunch time, hapaintingtherosesblack.blogspot.com


  5. haha, ofcourse you got work experience in cath kidston, lucky! gorgeous photos emma, you've made me buy a disposable camera :Phttp://fashionpeach17.blogspot.com


  6. film photography wins over digital for me, all the time. you and your friends are all so beautiful!sorry for commenting on nearly every post, they're all just so amazing that i always have something lovely to say about them xxx


  7. oh, my digital camera is well and truly dead 😦 i just took 5 disposable cameras into boots and the man serving gave me the oddest look! i do like opening the packet to see what there is though (:ps, cath kidston?? major jealousy!


  8. I've visited your blog before, and i really like it, and i find it very inspiring!I hope you want to take a look at my blog to!- and follow me back (:www.fashionfromheadtotoe.blogspot.comXoxo


  9. There's nothing quite like the charm of a developed roll of film, isn't it! You and your friends form such a delightfully fashionable clique, and you all have gorgeous hair! Haha. Good luck with your first days of work, I'm sure it'll be an interesting experience!


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