Work attire

as you know, this week i’m working in cath kidston in covent garden, which i’m really liking! everyone is so nice, and i love helping out customers and going into the stock room and seeing next seasons products! i love nearly every single thing in there, haha. but with only getting a camera literally this morning, i haven’t had anytime to take any pictures so i’m apologising for my absence. also work has kept me pretty busy.

cropped mink coloured jumper; bik bok; £25, tapered style trousers; topshop boutique; £45, green felt boater hat; ebay; 99p, vintage navy quilted bag; £12.50, wedges; new look; £25

20 thoughts on “Work attire

  1. this is so gorgeous, you're so stylish! cath kidston sounds amazing and i know what you mean about working near shops on your work experience, i found myself shopping at lunchtime every day!love the wedges too, beautiful blog x


  2. the cropped jumper and tailored trousers are so Ellie Goulding love her♥I love the outfit- slightly jealous to be honest :L Gorgeous as always 🙂 Rebecca x


  3. I love the outfit! Especially the wedges, I saw them in New Look yesterday but controlled myself to walk away as I'm trying to save aha! ooh Working in Cath Kidston! What a dream! 🙂 xx


  4. gosh. serious envy over your work experience at cath kidston. how did you manage to blag that one?convent garden is amazing. i spent most of my summer holiday there, as i went to london for a week :-)ps. i'm also incredibly jealous of how beautiful/stylish you are.x


  5. Cath Kidston? I had it in a library!Your outfit's so nice, the jumper is perfect <3So happy you're outfit posting again! one of my favourite bloggers.


  6. What a pretty outfit, that jumper is soo lovely 🙂 I'm so jealous that you get to do work experience in cath kidston, I'm a waitress and look nowhere near as stylish in my uniform haha! xxx


  7. I literally jsut stumbled across this page by accident. I love love LOVE! I am jealous of every single on of your outfits. This blog is now on my list of bookmarks 🙂 xo


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