Outfit in Trafalgar Square

friday, me and sammie quickly headed to london for dinner and museums after our first week of school was (finally) over. now the weather has dramatically gone down in degrees, i thought i could finally whack out my duffle coat which has been itching to be worn since i bought it. (duffle coat; topshop, chain bag; vintage; ebay, wedges; new look, black rimmed socks; topshop , bowler hat; H&M)

(camel t-shirt; brothers, topman, leather belt; vintage, charity shop, black skirt; H&M)
sammie looking fine in her maxi dress and leather jacket, and then our shoes. it was a good night, then followed by an amazing weekend! house party on saturday night, then getting the midnight bus (wasn’t stabbed, you hear that mum?) to lucys with a bunch of the party gooers and staying over. did you all have a nice weekend? πŸ™‚

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