Ruby Aldridge

ruby aldridgei ridiculously love her style. i keep coming back to photos of her, and gathering inspiration and adding to my constant wishlist. can i now have velvet high waisted trousers, black and white spotted socks, an alexander wang diego bag in black, brown felt hat and a long sleeved black dress, thanks.

Alexa Chung #6

yesterday, on radio 1, with nick grimshaw, Alexa answered my question!if any of who were following my twitter saw my tweets, you would know how crazy i went. my question was 'what would you do if you had 24 hours left to live?' and they kind of were joking that it sounded like a threat [...]

AW10 Wishlist

after all of your lovely suggestions (thank you everyone :D) i'm going to vlog! starting today, and it's going to be of my weekend. i'm weirdly nervous haha. meanwhile, i just got back from drama rehearsals and finally getting ready with aya. i'd thought i'd quickly show you a wishlist i'm pawning over at the [...]