my new top which i got on tuesday from topshop in oxford circus, teamed with my leather skirt (99p, ebay). i was absolutely frozen taking these pictures. everywhere else seems to have snow, but i just have the coldness. i nearly died in school today, i kept my duffle coat and scarf on until the last possible minute. its meant to 100% snow on either saturday or sunday though.. which is good but unfortunate. good because i love snow, i think its gorgeous. its unfortunate though because my friend is having a party tomorrow night outside with her hot tub.. so drunk people, snow, the hot tub and my extremely un-warm dress which im planning to wear? not good together. and then about 10 of us at staying over in a tent in her garden.. think of me when i’m dying of coldness in the early hours of sunday morning!!


28 thoughts on “Sheer

  1. oh wow. that blouse is amazing. that colour and a peter pan collar? perfection! i'm in love with blouses at the moment and you can never find me out of it's very cold in worcestershire too, i'm considering moving abroad… aha! 🙂


  2. What a lovely shirt. I have one like that from british heart foundation. It cost £4 as well.Charity shopping is always the best.Good luck with your party in the arctic conditions.


  3. it snowed here today! well… for about two minutes, but it definitely snowed (: and good luck with not freezing at the party. i've been in that situation a few too many times… xo


  4. you're liking this song huh 😉 i dont blame you, its very good. ive seen this topshop blouse in two blogs (and for some reason never in real life) and i reallly really want it! it suits you loads 🙂 you definitely lucked out paying just 99p for that skirt!xx


  5. What a gorgeous outfit, and that skirt was a brilliant find 🙂 99p! Love the shirt and the colour of it is lovely, you look gorgeous. And your mad for wanting to sleep outside in this weather, Reading Festival is cold enough at night and that is in August!R x


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