New lipliner and necklace

my new favourite lip colour. i love lipstick but sometimes i find they are too sloppy.. lip pencil provides matt block colour and are much more subtle. this chanel one is in shade ‘roux sienna’ and perfectly suits my skin tone, and the winter. and new necklace too from ebay too! inspired by alexas one, but mine was only around £6/£7. 

36 thoughts on “New lipliner and necklace

  1. That lipstick or lip liner, looks lovely on youu !!it really compliments your skin tone !!and i love your neclace its lovely !! xx


  2. Loving the colour, totally need to find a decent lip liner that doesn't pale me out too much. Hopefully Santa will deliver.Loving the


  3. really cool blog! i loveeee the necklace how did you find it? what should i google to find a similar one?i followed(: do you want to follow mine? X zoé – –


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