Two trailers

two outfits from polyvore i’ve been lusting over recently, and also below two films i’ve been wanting to see. somewhere by sofia coppola and also black swan. these two films have been stalking the blogosphere, so i can’t wait to see them. what is everyone else wanting to see this christmas?

18 thoughts on “Two trailers

  1. somewhere looks really good, i love elle fanning – she was in phoebe in wonderland which is my favourite film.i heard about black swan and wasn't interested but the trailer actually looks quite good.


  2. both those outfits are amazing, i especially love the leopard print collar coat. and the leather shorts and cable knit jumper. oh i wish i had clothes like that! and that black swan film looks amazing. never seen the trailer before but wow!


  3. OMG I know those films look amazing, and nice set! And IU don't want to be annoying, but Miss (Queen) Coppola's name has an F, not a PH! Sofia Coppola! Just saying!


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