Christmas presents

favourite christmas presents (cath kidston duvet cover and pillows, yves saint laurent mascara and nail varnish, books, zara vouchers and arty ring and topshop ring, YSL arty ring, YSL arty ring)

Ā i can’t believe tonight is new years.. i’m going to my friends house then maybe to another girls party too. i have no idea what to wear, i’ve never bought anything special for it.. maybe i should next time. 2010 has been good to this blog, and so much has changed to me in general. hopefully 2011 will be also amazing. have a good new years everyone x

24 thoughts on “Christmas presents

  1. i would love a cath kidston duvet cover, i wanted one before but couldn't find a cheapish (and i do know they're not cheap but i was looking in the sale) one that i really did love, but this one looks lovely! these christmas posts are my favourite from bloggers, i love seeing what they got because all the gifts are lovely! i hope you have a lovely time tonight. sounds like you will – i'll be at home; revising, sipping tea, watching movies and doing art coursework. doesn't sound fun at all! have a lovely new year – i hope it brings you more happiness and wishes then ever before! much love,izzy –


  2. Oh wow! What a swag of amazing stuff! I have wanted that FaceHunter book for far too long! Maybe I should treat myself! Seriously so lucky though. It looks like everyone knows your tastes so well!Ayesha x


  3. so bloody jealous of your YSL rings and sartorialist and facehunter books! and that polaroid one looks pretty sweet. have a great new year!


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