Cable knit

(barbour; brothers, cable knit; topshop, blouse; H&M, leather shorts; UO sale (£20!), ring; YSL)wore this yesterday, to starbucks and then lucys. on friday i saw black swan, it was breathtaking.. such a powerful/amazing/omg/beautiful/wtf/incredible film. natalie portman is so flawless, and she portrayed the role so well. i want to see it again! it inspired me [...]


dress; kate moss for topshopi've had this dress for years, but i've never posted it on here before. it seems too boring with just tights and my awful scraped back-lopsided bun-just got out of bed hair and a slick of mascara. i can't wait to wear it with bare legs, a floppy hat, loads of [...]


a couple of things i love from urban outfitters. i wish that cardigan was about £40 (which is still expensive, but i would pay that) but £65 is just too much. I LOVE THE CREEPERS, also. i wish wish wish i could pull them off. i might try them on next time i see them [...]

Kensington high street

before going out yesterday, i did some 'whats in my bag' pictures satchel; no ideaextra gum, car boot sale sunglasses, disposable cameras, cath kidston purse, ysl arty ring, natural collection eye liner, ysl mascara, topshop lip balm, ipod and vintage embroidered hand mirror. also i had my phone and camera, obviously.i was bored yesterday so [...]

Lucy Williams style crush

style crush: lucy williams, model and fashion assistant at instyle magazineimages for lucy from google, here and herei love her style, it's so chic and effortless and i like her simple layering and use of detail. i've combined a little wishlist together of some things inspired by her. her top left jumper is from zara, [...]