Lucy Williams style crush

style crush: lucy williams, model and fashion assistant at instyle magazineimages for lucy from google, here and here

i love her style, it’s so chic and effortless and i like her simple layering and use of detail. i’ve combined a little wishlist together of some things inspired by her. her top left jumper is from zara, i’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for it. literally! i can’t find it, which sucks as i have a voucher which i need to spend too. i’m really liking the thick pullovers with elbow patches, but apart from zara, no-where else does any nice ones in my price range. i also love her maxi skirt, infact all maxi skirts.. i wish the stores would hurry up and release some more. hers is from american apparel, but for something so basic, i dont think their skirt is the way to go.american apparel skirts, chunky pullover by rag and bone, navy apc jumper, black floppy hat, camel wool oversized coat, wool socks, leather boots, urban outfitters maxi

and also, i meant to say, i’ve recieved about 40 new followers today! i dont know where you all came from (hi!) but i’m guessing another blogger linked me or mentioned me somewhere/how? if this is the case, please comment so i can check it out! but this is exciting πŸ™‚ hi everyone! edit: thank you zoella!Β 

20 thoughts on “Lucy Williams style crush

  1. Ahhhh I love both of those jumpers! Whenever I go to the shops looking out for something similar I'm unsuccessful. Same case with my hunt for an Arran cardigan. *Sad face*Wow, 40 in one day? Sounds like you've been mentioned somewhere. Or maybe today's just been a lucky sort of day. Either way, is impressive stuff!Happy New Year x x


  2. I love the colours in those outfits, the camel and the grey look so gorgeous together. They used to have a jumper like that in H&M, not sure if it's still there though!p.s. I did feature you as my one to follow the other day, but I don't get much traffic on my blog so I don't think that can be the source of all your new followers πŸ™‚


  3. i love her silver cross necklace, i have seen another blogger with it and i NEED it in my life, i have seen a similar one on fashionology but not sure if its as big :/


  4. I'm loving elbow patches too atm but finding it difficult to find any affordable pieces anywhere 😦 well done on all your followers, you se deserve them your blog is lovely! xx


  5. oh her style is lovely, i really want that skirt in the top left photo, i think they did it in Zara?i am utterly in love with maxi skirts atm too, there's ones like them on UO in the sale!and I NEED that rag and bone jumper in my life, I've been buying it for a while but i can't justify buying it:/great blog xxx


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