Kensington high street

before going out yesterday, i did some ‘whats in my bag’ pictures satchel; no idea

extra gum, car boot sale sunglasses, disposable cameras, cath kidston purse, ysl arty ring, natural collection eye liner, ysl mascara, topshop lip balm, ipod and vintage embroidered hand mirror. also i had my phone and camera, obviously.

i was bored yesterday so i went to kensington high street and i didn’t think i was going to buy anything (spending ban) but then it turned out to be a successful shop. i never have them kind of trips. and i forgot how much i love kensington! i would love to live in one of these houses when i’m older, although most of them are about £7,000,000.

i wore my pleated skirt (from this post), topshop chain jumper with this asos shirt underneath, satchel and loafers. a bigger, awful, dodgy and low quality picture of what i’m wearing can also be seen here. then saturday evening i went to toms, and today i’ve done, well, nothing.. so pretty much like every other sunday.

27 thoughts on “Kensington high street

  1. Your satchel is lovely; rather jealous! I would also love to live in one of those houses however it will always be a dream!lazy sundays are the best ;)Katie. x


  2. I know I would love to live in one of those houses aswell but not till Im a bit older. My living plans go thusly:Now – Parents18 – Uni22/23 – Rent in a city26 – Buy my own little artsy cottage/house with boyfriend/fiance33 – City houseI am so weird! :)


  3. I love your purse and sunglasses (: I love disposable cameras, there's something really nice about not knowing exactly how your photos are going to develop! Those houses are beautiful, I really want a place in Notting Hill, cliche as that sounds, the houses are so lovely! xxx


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