a couple of things i love from urban outfitters. i wish that cardigan was about £40 (which is still expensive, but i would pay that) but £65 is just too much. I LOVE THE CREEPERS, also. i wish wish wish i could pull them off. i might try them on next time i see them in a store.

13 thoughts on “UO

  1. If the cardigans on the high street where more durable then I guess I could justify £40/50, but a few washes and the shrink :/ the blouse on the other hand looks lovely :)Paula-Ellen xofuckfashionlovestyle.blogspot.com


  2. this cardigan is so gorgeous, I couldnt resist and I bought it.But you're right, it's really exepensive and the fabric is not even natural… But it is my favourite cardigan ever, really comfy and soft and looks great with everything ! so if you ever get a lot of money and dont know what to do with it this cardi is a good choice :)x


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