Cable knit

(barbour; brothers, cable knit; topshop, blouse; H&M, leather shorts; UO sale (£20!), ring; YSL)

wore this yesterday, to starbucks and then lucys. on friday i saw black swan, it was breathtaking.. such a powerful/amazing/omg/beautiful/wtf/incredible film. natalie portman is so flawless, and she portrayed the role so well. i want to see it again! it inspired me in so many ways. i definitely recommend everyone to see it asap.

37 thoughts on “Cable knit

  1. Love this outfit, and i am extremely jealous of your YSL ring. I can't believe those shorts were only £20! I've been wanting some leather ones for so long. I need to see Black Swan it looks incredible and everyone I know who's seen it says so as well!


  2. Love your outfit, so many gorgeous things I want combined! I've been needing leather shorts for an absolute age but still haven't found any I can afford. I really need to see Black Swan, as well, it looks so amazing.


  3. I wear an outfit exactly like this! I'm in love with my leather shorts & YSL ring too!I agree with Black Swan. I'm so going to see it again. I think it's one of those films where you'll see something else everytime you watch it.x


  4. Loving outfit, I'm loving chunky jumpers at the moment! Also I know what you mean, its such an amazing film and not something I go to see in cinemas. Katie. x


  5. I love this outfit! It looks so cozy and warm! Ahhh I watched black swan the other day it was immense! Although, for me Mila Kunis stole the show. I think I just liked her character more. Although Natalie did portray Nina effortlessly.


  6. i love the outfit, the way in which you put clothes together is brilliant :)i agree with you about your description of black swan haha, and i also agree with you about natalie portman's acting in it as well, she was amazing!another good film out now is the king's speech, i saw it today and it's a sublime, you should go and see it! xx


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