Colour blocking editorial

1: 2: 3: Daphne Groeneveld 4: Twiggy 5: Ruby Aldrigde 6: Vogue scans 7: Dazed & Confused 8: i-d summer 2010

i love these colours, defiantly going to explore block vibrance and white this summer, if only the weather would start to pick up, sigh. along with the rest of the world, i adore the jil sander hot pink maxi skirt. i might try a couple of DIYS for making one myself, like this one from A Pair and a Spare but i’m not the best with the sewing machine (even though i take textiles..) but it seems pretty simple.

13 thoughts on “Colour blocking editorial

  1. I love all the beautiful colours around this summer – so vibrant and youthful.And that Twiggy pictures is gorge. Always going to have big love for the Twig-ster.Great post – love the blog.


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