(turban; ASOS, velvet shorts; topshop, blouse; topshop)

took advantage of the lovely weather today in london and took a walk with my mum. i didn’t even have to wear a coat! amazing. i’ve had a good half term, what a shame its coming to an end. tomorrow night, my friend is having a party and then this weekend i’m planning to furthur avoid all the work i have and go out with friends coming back from italy. peace x

32 thoughts on “Pink

  1. YAY someone who likes cocorosie! I'm a bit obsessed with them but most people I know think they are freaks. I love your turban, I want one sooo bad but my bank balancse tells me I can't have one… xxx


  2. such a pretty girl :]love that turban ive been after one for ages, i keep mentioning it in my blog still have yet to buy one hhaa :]you really look like eliza doolittle lol xxxx


  3. oh i love your blouse!! and your turban looks awesome :). i hope you don't mind but i used one of your looks in a inspiration post. If you don't want it used i will take it down asap 🙂


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