Deadline avoidance

i had my drama performance last night. it went so well thank god (after several agonizing hours of sweat, blood (literally) and tears). we performed 4.48 psychosis by sarah kane, which is basically about a woman who is in love with her doctor, loses her baby and goes crazy and kills herself. its such a [...]


(a couple of you how i lightened my hair. i used garnier nutrisse in 10.13 (or something like that) and just kind of threw it on and followed the instructions :)there is not much to update. been pretty busy with morning drama rehearsals, school, then textiles after school and then i try and go to [...]


spring thinking on polyvore, check out my other sets here. i feel like i haven't updated in weeks.. my life is pretty boring at the moment. the weather is so great at the moment, blue skies and sun and my birthday is coming up too. and i'm seeing katy perry in 9 days. also been [...]