Deadline avoidance

i had my drama performance last night. it went so well thank god (after several agonizing hours of sweat, blood (literally) and tears). we performed 4.48 psychosis by sarah kane, which is basically about a woman who is in love with her doctor, loses her baby and goes crazy and kills herself. its such a moving play, we made a couple of people cry  (including the examiner) and others were just shocked. i have my textiles gsce deadline for tomorrow though and hardly done nothing. great. and my ict deadline is tomorrow also, and guess what? i’ve done hardly nothing. oh well

13 thoughts on “Deadline avoidance

  1. Lovely photographs! Well done with your performance, you must have been brilliant to have made your examiner cry! 🙂 Good luck finishing all your work, I'm sure you can do it! 😀 xxx


  2. OMG that sounds so cool. i wish i could have seen it aswell. Well done. my drama exams coming up this may hope my group makes the examiner cry too :)Those ACNE wedges looks so sick. lovely pictures ❤


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