Alexa Chung #7

i’ve been wanted to do this post for a while now. i often get asked who is are my style icons, and i have many, but my first proper one was alexa who still is one of my main inspirations. a lot of people say that her style is nothing special, and that the hype around her is unnecessary, but so? i think its pretty special. and rad. i also love her personality, her music taste, her boyfriend, how beautiful she is, how graceful and sweet and funny and generally how amazing she is. miss chung, i adore you and will continue to for a very, very long time

21 thoughts on “Alexa Chung #7

  1. I love, and am incredibly jealous, of alsmot everything about her. Her style is so special because she just does all areas perfectly, with her own individuality. Ahhh love her. And I love the collage.xoxo


  2. i love alexa so so so much! i think her style is so innovative and hasn't been tried by many at all! i'll always love her and her elegance, etc etc! i could write an essay on how inspiring she is (i'm sure many others could write one, too!). i really like your posts, you have a great style! lots of love,xxxx


  3. Alexa is Incredible! Love this post so much! Can't believe people would say that as far as i know she's still underrated and deserves so much more love for who she is. She's so beautiful the type of person she is. I look up to her in so many ways ❤


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