Dip Dye DIY

(sources: tumblr)i love the whole dip dye thing, and i also love it on clothes. i'm not a big fan of all the hippy circle colours, but i love the pastel streaks on clothes. anyway, i recently cut up an old white t-shirt i found to make a crop top, bought a cable knit jumper [...]

Alexa Chung #7

things making me happy recently: booking the villa and flights for all of my five best friends to go with me to ibiza in july, alexa on vogue, strawberries in every supermarket because they are finally in season, getting the iphone4 for my birthday last week, wholemeal bagels, suck it and see being leaked, i [...]

Messy desk

hihihi everyone 🙂 not sure why i'm posting random pictures of my room. oh well, enjoy. i've been wearing my topman jumper literally every day since i got it (well, i washed it one day obvs) but it actually goes with everything, i need more jumpers like it.(shorts; DIY/ebay, jumper; topman, necklace; charity shop)just realized [...]