Outfit featuring a guinea pig

(dress; kate moss for topshop, denim jacket; ebay, bag; no idea)

1. sup homies, this is vickys guinea pig, so cute aha.

2. i’ve put loads of stuff on ebay, finally. click here to have a look! everything is on an auction and reasonably priced so i’d be really grateful it you checked it out.
3. the only thing i’m living for right now is ibiza! my family are coming and my brother and his friend by the way, its not just me and my friends (i wish). i’m been looking everywhere for a nice bikini, does anyone suggest anywhere apart from the usual topshop, urban outfitters, asos etc? thanks!
4. i try and reply to comments but blogger wont let me, i’m not just being a plum. most were about quality of chanel nail varnishes, i think they’re actually quite good! especially with a top base, they don’t seem to chip for me. besides, they have really nice colours and such great packaging, so its all good.
5. i’m going to go and enjoy this sunny weather and wonder why i even wrote this post in a list, haha.

25 thoughts on “Outfit featuring a guinea pig

  1. lovely outfit and im so jealous of the fact your going on holiday with your friends! and as for bikins, H&M do some lush ones for really low prices 🙂 x


  2. A few days ago I got a nice one from M&S, the bottoms are high waisted and the top has a nice vintage feel to it, and it's from M&S so it will last 🙂


  3. That guinea pig is absolutely adorable! So jealous that you're going to Ibiza, I bet you'll have an amazing time. Some great cheap bikinis in H&M and Oasis have a gorgeous red striped one in at the moment. Got to say of all the high street bikinis I've seen, Topshop ones are still my favourite!


  4. A lot of people have been having problems with the commenting. It's mostly those on Internet Explorer that have the problems.Google Chrome is fine for me.I love the dress, really nice.


  5. I know its a really obvious place, but H&M are really good for bikinis. They sell them all as separates so its easier to get the perfect fitting bikini. Plus they aren't all really plain like the separates in places like topshop. Hope this helps 🙂 x


  6. That guinea pig is SO cute! I love your dress a lot, it looks really nice. I'm looking for a nice new bikini as well so can't really suggest anywhere haha


  7. Such a lovely dress 🙂 Yes blogger is being so very annoying atm. Check Asos for nice bikinis, and also very.co.uk. There was a nice tie dye one there but not my size.It would be mineGoing to Kos soon with my mates. Soooooo excited!


  8. Lush outfit! Ahh Ibiza sounds amazing! For bikinis I would try H&M for patterns, If you want a long lasting one I'd try debenhams or M&S, they have some more modern styles this year and seem really good quality. I've never got one but a friend did last year and spent like every day at the pool and it lasted 🙂 they're a by more expensive though! xxxx


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