wardrobe, outfit, moon, vintage libertys bag
been lazing in the sun all day, in and out of vickys hot tub. i forgot to mention, my exams finished last wednesday so i am officially DONE with gsces and compulsory education and definitely looking forward to the 8 weeks-ish of freedom i have now, including IBIZA where i go this friday night, yay! i also bought arctic monkey tickets last week, yes! and tomorrow i’m going to tonbrigde, outdoor pool, DOUBLE YES. oh, and i also was 2nd on bloglovin’s list of up and coming for a day (which was exciting, for me anyway). so basically, im pretty content with life right now (although it would be pretty awesome to be at glastonbury). have a great week everyone ❀

16 thoughts on “Moon

  1. Your summer sounds like it's going to be AMAZING. Very jealous!!Also, I've just featured you in a post about my favourite outfit bloggers. Would be lovely if you could have a look :)


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