IBIZA – part one

i got back from ibiza on the early hours on sunday morning, i had an a really amazing time, it was so fun with all my friends. we rented a boat and sailed around the island, and dived off and snorkeled in the blue lagoons with the fish, ate a lot of paella, visited ibiza town and got stupid amounts of items with ‘i love ibiza’ written on it, went to the beaches (clear sea.. so gorgeous), slept outside some nights on the daybed because it was so warm and the stars were breathtakingly clear, pulled pranks on eachother (well, elliot and george attacked us with a fire extinguisher at 4.30am causing us to scream/choke/be blinded by blue ash and our room ruined), chilled in the over 30 degrees heat, celebrated vickys 16th by making her a make shift chocolate cake, went on late night walks around the beautiful area our villa was, bought too much chocolate and watermelon from the ibizian supermarkets and generally just chilled by the pool with the speakers full blast and a bunch of weird inflatables. part two coming sooon

22 thoughts on “IBIZA – part one

  1. what camera where these taken on?? they look awesome! like some crazy 90s photos or something! also, its so not fair that all your friends have amazing bikini bodies! haha! glad you had a nice time 🙂 x


  2. I am SO jealous! I wish I had holidays like this but instead I'm stuck with my 'rents and grand'rents for two weeks haha. Looks like you had an amazing time, these photos are beaut.X


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