Levi cut offs

(t-shirt; acne, shorts; vintage, belt; charity shop, cardigan; charity shop)
thought I’d finally take a picture of one of the uninteresting outfits I’ve been wearing since I’ve been in post-holiday depression. since the weather is just rain, i only leave the house to meet with friends but otherwise I’m just mostly reading all day in my room (like a social reject) and baking cookies and watching movies.
I used to read everyday when i was younger, night and morning, and through the day too but towards the end of 2010 i stopped, only reading occasionally, but I’m defineatly starting to get back into again. any recommendations for new books? I’m sick of re-reading the same ones. some of my favourites are the bell jar by sylvia plath, atonement by ian mcewan, the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides, the book thief etc. I’ve also ordered a bunch of classics which I’m excited to read but would love any recommendations, thanks guys!

20 thoughts on “Levi cut offs

  1. I have a degree in English Literature and was a voracious reader of all the classics in my youth but sadly do not have the attention span to devote to books anymore. I love all of the books you've mentioned in your post, The Bell Jar being one of my all-time favorites. I recommend anything by W. Somerset Maugham (The Razor's Edge/The Moon and Sixpence) and Evelyn Waugh (Brideshead Revisited). Middlemarch by George Eliot is also another excellent read if you have the time to devote to it. If you are looking for something more contemporary and humorous to read, check out all of Chelsea Handler's books. She's a famous American comedienne and is also laugh out loud hilarious and will brighten up your rainy English days.


  2. post holiday blues suck!! just came out of my depression haha!and sometimes the plainest of outfits are the best 🙂 love the pink teesharlxo.blogspot.com


  3. Even if it's a simple outfit, the colour of the cardigan looks lovely against the colour of your t-shirt. I'm currently reading Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin after my boyfriend got me into the TV series; apparently the book's so much better. I'm not sure if it's the kind of thing you're looking for though x


  4. If you like McEwan's Atonement (I know I do), you'll probably like his other work: On Chesil Beach (they're making a film of it with Carey Mulligan), The Cement Garden, which I adore, Saturday, and of course Amsterdam, you know how it won the Booker.


  5. i used to read all the time, non-stop, but ever since i started studying film i just can't sit and read a book anymore. that being said, i would definitely recommend some american classics; the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald, on the road by jack kerouac and fiesta, the sun also rises by ernst hemingway. you should also check out anything by kurt vonnegut, especially 'slaughterhouse five' which is my favourite book of all time elizabeth (thechicblonde.blogspot.com) x


  6. I'd recommend 'the perks of being a wall flower' by stephen chobsky, 'one day' by david nicholls and '1984' by George Orwell, all amazing books x


  7. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys such a beautiful novel about the first Mrs Rochester, Fiesta: The sun also rises by HemmingwayTwo quite short novels but both totally absorbing. I just finished the Tiger's wife by Tea Obreht for something more recent.X


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