Topshop AW11 lookbook

topshop aw11 lookbook (source)

new big pictures! how exciting. I am in love with the topshop lookbook for this winter, seeing as the rubbish weather is not permitting me to wear my summer clothes, I want to skip straight ahead to autumn and winter. I always have this feeling though- in winter I want summer, and vice versa. I need to start living in the moment, but thats always much harder than it seems.

9 thoughts on “Topshop AW11 lookbook

  1. like the look of those shoes boots in the 1st picture. i'm always prefer to autumn fashion, its much more comfortable and cute with big scarfs and wooly hats!also, i just started my blog, take a looksie if you'd like :)lifeofrosalie.blogspot.comthanks!x


  2. Topshop keep getting better and better! Especially the shoes… I love the outfit in photo 5. I get the same feeling too; British weather does that to us all… Wish it was more stable so we could enjoy the seasons more


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