A wardrobe fav

My wardrobe, which I’ve come to notice has all my jumpers and knits near the front. Partly this is due to the crappy weather england always has, but probably because my heart will always belong in winter and I was excited to realize that new sweaters will joining these this season.

But can’t help the summer feeling I get when the blue skies reluctantly come out, and i guess this will be my last summer wishlist for a couple of months. I just love the mixture of textures and wish i could walk around paris, with a cute parisian boy drinking coffee and wearing these clothes. But alas I know I will be equally as happy when I wear a knit, down bond street, at christmas time in a long weeks.

26 thoughts on “A wardrobe fav

  1. I totally agree, winter is my all time favourite season! I've noticed that the jumper section in my wardrobe is cherished and even colour-coded, whereas the rest is a hot mess :)The sequinned one looks lovely.Also, could the lula dress be any more gorge? Shame it costs a grand and a half though.Nadia xhttp://yoursistheonlyocean.blogspot.com/


  2. i can so relate to this, knit wear is the best. i can also relate to your love of winter, i swear it's the best season. actually want your wardrobe (for the two rails) and the clothes in it. xxhttp://secretsnatchesofglamour.blogspot.com/


  3. my wardrobe is looking pretty much the same! but then again i prefer my knits, autumn fashion is always much comfier for me!i just started my blog, have a look if you'd like :)lifeofrosalie.blogspot.comx


  4. LOL, to be honest I'm a bit excited about autumn and winter approaching… I love layering clothes and feeling all cozy. :)http://faiirylights.blogspot.com


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