Things I’m really, really liking for this winter. Not quite liking the fact that most of these items are ridiculously priced, though. I’m really preferring quality over quantity at the moment, I feel like I haven’t bought anything in ages but looking at these are tempting me..

11 thoughts on “Designer

  1. aaah,i am such a stupid person. you wrote me an email about your favourite vintage shops and it went to the spams /wtf?/ ..and i deleted it without reading ( then i realized it was an email from you ((i am really REALLY sorry to bother you again but… could you write me that email one more time? promise i won´t ruin it this time.)thank you so much. have a nice day,pretty girl ))email:


  2. your blog ALWAYS makes me want to go shopping. Even now, and I just went this morning…It's dangerous for me to keep coming here, yet I do. You are gorgeous and you have such a cool sense of style. I think I have to follow irinja (


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