In love with topshops nightwear at the moment, it all seems too pretty to wear to sleep. Maybe i should think about replacing my holey t-shirt.. In other riveting news, I’m silly tired and the week has only began. I’m going to florence next wednesday (since when?! IKR) on a photography trip but other than that life is same-y same-y. How is everyone else?

14 thoughts on “Nightwear

  1. Wow, such lovely stuff. My boyfriend hates it when I wear my big holey t-shirt in bed, but it's just so comfyyyy. If he hates it so much, maybe I could convince him to buy me some of this stuff, haha πŸ™‚ x


  2. i know just how you feel, about being tired and all of that. i've convinced my mom that i'm sick, it's so nice to just be home, and take it all so chill, and do the stuff i like!only thing that sucks is i have over 10% in absence (i dont know if you can call it that in english, but yeah, i'm just gonna go for it)..Love your blog!


  3. I adore Topshop nightwear, makes going to bed such a brill experience! I find it a bit pricy though sometimes when you can get lovely things in Primark for


  4. you're so right! they're definitely too pretty for sleeping ;)i love youre blog, decided to follow you!would be cool if you visit my blog sometime, 'cause i'm really new here… <3


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