Boyfriend coat

(cardigan; charity shop, dress; miss guided)

Yesterday shopping.. Got some things and also tried on this boyfriend coat from topshop, a checked version of the navy one I posted about last week. Isn’t it so beautiful!?!?! I’ve already got three coats though, I don’t need another one (definitely had to chant this to myself to stop from buying it though). Most shoppers were getting halloween outfits which is exciting, I’m having a party (woohoo) but still don’t know what to wear, probably end up as something generic. Bought a couple of things too though, including diptyque jardin clos, a topshop hat and bag

I love diptyque perfumes. Especially the candles also but alas they are quite £££ and I’ve run out of £££. Even more so after this weekend. oh yeah- I’M GOING TO ARCTIC MONKEYS ON SUNDAY *FAN GIRL MOMENT*

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