Russell and Bromley

Even though everyday I moan about the weather its safe to say I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND THE COLD. Cant wait till I buy our tree, put fairy lights up, buy Christmas yankee candles, bake all the time, the inevitable SNOW and watching Christmas movies all day everyday. Weird start to the week when i couldn't [...]

Winter is coming

My favourite store in the winter (Topshop). In the summer, it just fails majorly, does anyone else agree? So looking forward to selling some stuff on ebay soon and making some cash so I can go shopping. Or you know, I could finally get a job sometime soon.....


This is a little different to what I normally post, but I recently got sent some all organic (yay) products from Garden Apothecary and honestly they smell so good and uhhh it feels really nice putting the products on your face. I got the the rose refresher, the aphrodisiac refresher and rose & salt bath [...]